My First Blog Post

I am transforming my life and hope to inspire others through my journey to fulfilling what I feel in my heart I am here on this earth to accomplish.

My blog is entitled Living Today Photography, currently. O.k., that created before I started thinking this through.   I am not certain if I will maintain one blog to cover my life journey or several blogs to cover the three areas I’d like to focus on, which are:  My photography growth and business development,  Decluttering and maintaining organization in my house,  and  Life with my adult disabled children.

I’d like to help at least one person to be inspired to and have the confidence to show themselves fully to the world.  I would love to make some kind of connection with as many people as possible.

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, my accomplishments would be just that…maintaining the commitment to blog and in this practice of writing I will grow more as a person being able to share myself with the world.

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